Our Apparel design Team has got in-depth market understanding of various products and they come up with the creative and optimal Solution for every Client. The Designs Suggested are Closely tailored to the Client Requirement, their brand identity and the Cost constraints. We create designs from a simple creative brief to a full technical pack depending on your requirements and before we execute on shop floor you will have the electronic design with all specs on your Desk.

Apparel Development / Sampling

Our Sampling and Design team has got the expertise to develop apparel from a Techpack to give you an idea of how the product will look. This however depends upon various factors like the total Quantity, type of fabric etc.

Apparel Manufacturing

Our own manufacturing facilities allow us to plan and manage production by reacting flexibly to your requirements and external circumstances. We have the capacity, technical skill and infrastructure to maintain the speed without compromise on quality. We can deliver any type of Garment, with or without screen-printing and embroidery plus numerous washes and processes with our factory facilities. Our Quality team carefully monitors and controls every production process from pre-production sampling through to end-of-line inspection and final packing. Every garment is subject to strict shipment release standards, ensuring that your expectations of quality and consistency are met.

Shipping and Logistics

For our Domestic as well as foreign Clients, we optimize packing and shipping to achieve freight and duty (In case of export) savings on your products. Whether you have opted to buy on an FOB or CIF basis, we co-ordinate the timely dispatch of your goods in the agreed format.